Association Dues

Annual dues are required from each lot owner in Wabeek North. Our property values and overall neighborhood quality are directly impacted by how we maintain our homes, landscape and common areas. It’s very important that we work together for our common interest.


Dues are used for the following purposes:

  • Subdivision general insurance
  • Utilities for the subdivision entrance (electric, water and two township light posts)
  • Maintenance of the limestone pillars, iron gates, signs, lighting and sprinklers at the entrance
  • Maintenance of the grass, soil, mulch, trees, shrubs, plants and flowers in the 7 cul-de-sacs, the 2 entrance beds, the property in front of Wabeek North on Long Lake Road (from Meadow Court to Westlake Court), and the property along the east side of Indian Summer Drive up to Morningside Way
  • Postage, paper, envelopes and other miscellaneous office supplies
  • Copying and mailing official Wabeek North Property Owners Association notices
  • Publication of the Wabeek North neighborhood directory (periodically)
  • Website fees and administration
  • Accounting services – banking and financial statements
  • Legal fees